We’re making

the Web3 world open to all

They trust us

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How ?

Agoracles NFT

Get a collectible to be part of the unique Agora ecosystem. We’ve partnered with the best companies out there to bring you unique IRL and Web3 advantages, it’s your time to join the Web3 revolution ! Roadmap and Utilities coming soon... Stay tuned!


  • The game changing Web3 learning platform is landing from the Agora planet ! Q1 2023 !

  • Learn to earn at scale. For the very first time, get paid to learn ! The more courses you complete, the more money you earn. 100% free courses

  • Get a passive income :
    15% of the revenue generated by the platform is shared with our NFTs holders !


Network and meet your forward-thinking peers !
The summit will be one of the most significant Web3 event worldwide.
Satellite events will be held in the top Web3 cities worldwide, so that you can’t miss the opportunity. Entrances are totally free for holders !


Our first 3 events will showcase our partnerships with prestigious names. We've developed this whole project with the world’s best-selling french contemporary artist Richard Orlinski. As art lovers, we even created the Agora Sculpture, 500 unique pieces... They will be randomly assigned to lucky holders.
Watch out, don’t miss !


From IRL to Web3

Join the Agora community

to enrich yourself !

  • Weave bonds with the most brilliant minds of the ecosystem

  • Enjoy and get collectibles from exclusive collaborations with high-end artists

  • Earn passive income (15% of the revenue generated by the platform)

Our mission

Allowing the greatest amount of people to access tomorrow’s world. The Agora community is a gathering point for Web3 enthusiasts worldwide. And it all starts with our NFT collection.

  • 01 ZEUS
  • 02 HERA

  • 04 ATHÉNA
  • 05 ARÈS
  • 07 ARTEMIS
  • 08 HERMÈS
  • 09 APOLLO
  • 10 HADÈS

What we’ve done so far

A +40 ppl team has been constantly working for
more than 1 year to make this happen.

  • Christian Dior’s Digital Director, Olivier Lapidus, joined us as Digital Director

  • Richard Orlinski, best selling contemporary artist in the world, as NFT Design Director

  • Our first fundraising has been a success : we sold some of our rarest NFTs for a $450,000 total worth.

  • $1m raised from top investors and more is planned !

  • Partnership with high-end, prestigious luxury brands

  • Partnership with pulsar system and alpha venture DAO

Who are we
  • Enzo Yee
    Enzo Yee
    Enzo Yee Brother
  • Chiara Yee
    Chiara Yee
    Chiara Yee Sister
  • Olivier Lapidus
    Olivier Lapidus
    Olivier Lapidus Designer for Dior, Creative
    and artistic advisor.
  • Richard Orlinksi
    Richard Orlinksi
    Richard Orlinksi The biggest selling contemporary
    French artist in the world since 2015