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Be the first, have special offers, benefit from special prizes:

🚀 Discounted WL Price: 0.1 ETH
🚀 2 224 Agoraboars to mint
🚀 Mint date: April 21st
🚀 Mint time: 1 PM UTC
🚀 Mint duration: 72 hours
🚀 LIMITED Number of whitelist

Our first sale was a success with 121ETH for 10 of our 10 Deities. Sold out!!





We are a community driven project so, to thank you, we’ll give you back with special giveaways:

- 5 Apple Watch x Hermes - the messenger of the gods to never be late for our sales and upcoming collections
- 25 Vive Pro 2 VR headsets with wireless adapter - to live our future metaverse with the best definition
- 10 Mac book pro 14 inches - to never miss our news and enjoy our Agoracles digital experiences
- 10 DEVIALET Phantom I 103 dB - to immerse yourself in our world with the most beautiful sound

... and a chance to bump into

- One of the two deities worth 14ETH (Poseidon or Hephaestus)
- 6 of the 12 females - the holder is guaranteed an additional NFT on the next collection and give you access to 0.1% of turnover from launch' sales.
- 5 of 9 muses - Apollo muses give you access to 0.1% of turnover from launch' sales.
- The 100 first minters of the whitelist will get 0.1 ETH.
- The 100 first minters of the sale will get 0.15 ETH.

Get access to the whitelist by joining our Discord server!